My name is
Rylan Francis

I enjoy solving problems by using data and process to create uniquely designed solutions.

I also enjoy traveling, photography, biking, and movies.

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Protect America

As head of the in-house design and marketing team for a national home security company, my goal is to create a fully reaching brand that makes people feel safe and secure.

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Brick & Thistle

Created from the ground up to tie data, content, and e-commerce into a fully-featured and well designed experience.

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B & G Tea Tins

A packaging concept created to be reminiscent of early trading companies of the 1700s such as the East India Company.

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Protect America App

App design that is built to tie multiple products and services together into a full featured experience.

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Werewolf Webapps

A side project among friends, this web app brings the social party game "Mafia" and its later incarnation "Werewolf" into a unique digital form.

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Early versions of the ride-sharing app that concept out its usage from two types of users: drivers and riders.

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Canary + Rook

Fashion site built around oversized images with a categorized tagging system to showcase the products.

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Thank You

If you have questions, comments, or perhaps a unique design challenge, don’t hesitate to email me.